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We never do promo's except on a few occasions for a new jobber.

I won't go into why but its no secret the Turbo primer is my baby and been thinking about something for a few months and after talking with the guys, they did not like my idea, so this will give me an idea, if the Turbo can do what i had in mind.

So for the next little bit, for each gallon of Turbo, the activator is free.

Not sure how long but might do a month or two and see what this does.
For those of us who have never used the Turbo primer, Barry, what are the pros and cons. Should I use Turbo instead of High Build? Particularly in restoration work.
I am going to be ordering quite a bit of epoxy in the next day or two. Should I add a kit of Turbo?
The Turbo was made for restoration work and with three Nanos in it and the cost of nanos at the time, I never thought I would have to make a second batch. I was wrong.

4:1:1 it should fill like the regular build primer.
4:1 it should build like the high build.
Only con, i can think of is adding reducer but reducer is cheaper then primer.
I recently purchased some turbo primer. I really liked the way it sprayed out. Very nice product.

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Quick question. On the activator it says it can be applied to bare metal. Does the turbo primer have corrosion protection in it?
you know concerning the bare metal thing, i find it surprising that spi has kept that on the can all these years. the turbo is a regular urethane primer. its not one of these hybrid epoxy urethanes that are a dtm primer. the turbo will be fine for small cut throughs etc but i wouldnt do any more with the turbo than i would with any other urethane primer. when it first came out i saw the bare metal thing and i used it as a dtm primer on a few things and the paint was peeling off in sheets within a few days.

on another note, while i thought it was a good primer i didnt really notice anything turbo or fast about it. seems to be the same as all the spi primers which are all pretty quick. i have used every one of the spi primers over the past 10 years and somehow i am back to the high build. i just like that the best. also a little of the 2k sealer as well.
Oversight on activator (thanks) can but yes it does have corrosion protection in it like the other 2K other primers do and this was all updated even more about 6-9 months ago as a new additive came available.
Still we really only want the 2k primer used on small bare metal spots, like sand through, a small ring of metal around sanded body filler.
This is done every day in production shops and if metal clean we don't have any issues, however if it is a restoration, we ask for epoxy on any small amount of metal.
Yes, it can be used as a sealer for insurance or production work.

Restorations we want epoxy.
orangejuiced86;33683 said:
I recently purchased some turbo primer. I really liked the way it sprayed out. Very nice product.

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Quick question. On the activator it says it can be applied to bare metal. Does the turbo primer have corrosion protection in it?

I have heard this on the tech line 3-4 times a year and just figured they had pre 2009 tech or cans, NOPE I found the little line on the activator and ordered new labels this morning.
Not sure how we missed that but thanks for pointing out.
How about the turbo on plastic bumper repairs? For production I use Sherwin Williams p30, great stuff but a quart of primer, activator and hardner cost as much as a gallon of turbo with hardner. I normally let everything dry 4-6hrs to overnight before painting.
Works great as long as an adhesion promoter is applied where needed as with the P30.
Thanks Barry, so it can be used as a spot prime and filler cover up, so my next question is on my sons 93 accord would it be user friendly as a sealer over the original paint? Sorry to ask such dumb questions but if dont ask how can I learn proper and wrong ways, really wouldnt like to try it and fail on a complete repaint. Kinda gets real expensive fast. Anyone else willing lend some experience.
Heres my problem I dont want to strip the car, but my son would like a completely diffrent color, its currently white and he wants metallic blue. This is my first full respray. Points in the right direction would be great.
NO, In this case use the epoxy, it would work but not as good as the epoxy.
Does that mean $131.33 shipped for a gallon plus activator. Just wanna make sure I'm right on pricing. Thank you very much Barry.
I like the Turbo 2k.

Normally I do all epoxy but on this 59' Cad I've been using epoxy with turbo fill followed by epoxy sealer. I painted it back around Thanksgiving and holdout is better than all epoxy so far. Surface finish is just as nice as when I buffed it. Not that the epoxy was bad, it just seems to shrink a little.

In the epoxy's defense though I haven't given it extra time before filler and such like the new tech manual states. I always did filler next day instead of 48hours like I did for the filler and turbo 2k on this 59' cad. So it's not a total A/B comparison.

Regardless, It seems like I'll be doing more cars in the future with turbo 2k instead of epoxy only. More time will tell.

Do you think the name is problematic? I usually run when something has "turbo" in the name. Just sounds funny to me.

Two dumbest things, I have done in my life.
Named the Regular build primer (regular)
and named the Turbo Primer (Turbo)

Those two names have probably scared off more people from trying, then any other reason.