PSA Paper?


Hey guys,
I need to order a few various grades of PSA roll sand paper.
Just curious as to what brand people are using. I’ve swore off 3M because of the adhesive residue. The 3M is nice as far as cut, but I just don’t understand the adhesive they use.


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Indasa red rolls in 80, 180, 320.
These are not da paper as use the velcro but these are the long rolls for blocking. Not sure this is what your referring to.


I use Norton. But, sometimes when it's cold out, I have to reactivate the adhesive for it to stick well.


I like the Mirka "Autonet" it's a screen type sand paper that's Velcro backed.
It really cuts faster. Comes in discs and rolls.
Switch to Velcro and you won't go back.
psa has been such a headache, it either falls off or if you leave it on too long you have paper all over the pad. 3m even sells an adhesive for when it does not stick anymore. Cold weather you need to keep the PSA in a warm room for it to work. The screen type paper is decent but it also eats up the surface on the pad or block so it does not hold well as the pad wears down until you replace the pad.

Sandpaper is such a pain. Wet sanding we have gone all velcro, so it pretty much carried on to dry. There is a blue sharkskin pad on amazon, any grit is about 60.00 for 100 pads. Yeah, makes it feel expensive at .60 cents a cutout, but its the blue stuff like the ceramic grinding discs and lasts pretty long.


I ordered a couple of rolls of Indasa paper on Barry’s recommendation.
I like it!
I was not thrilled with the backing paper at first, but as I used it, I got used to it. One thing I do like is you can cut two or three pieces at a time for whatever block you’re using.
Cuts good, and so far, no adhesive residue!


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If any of you get a chance to try the Sunmight green paper, (blue box), I believe you will like it. Used the most expensive 3M stuff they had for many years, then went to Indasa Redline for about 12 years. Always thought the Indasa was just as good as 3M. Tried Mirka, didn't care for it. Now I have been using the Sunmight for 7 years and I believe it is the best I have ever used at any price. Sticks good with no residue and lasts longer than anything I have tried.

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ill second that. funny though i always thought indasa was to crappiest paper i have ever used. i recently bought a load of sunmight in the gold and green and find it to be every bit as good or better than 3m and norton.