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Removing undercoating

I wont be blasting the bottom of my car or anything but I'd like to remove the undercoating "again". I did it once in the late 80's and put some undercoating back on. I usually use lacquer thinner, a scraper and lots of rags. Anyone have any tricks for doing this? Also, when I get it clean I'd like to shoot it with epoxy and then some satin black instead of recoating. Does that sound ok? Will the satin hold up to the heat of the mufflers??
Using heat will soften the undercoating and make it much easier to remove.
I would just shoot two coats of epoxy primer and call it good. If it looks too glossy for you then add some reducer and shoot another coat. No need for Satin Black in my opinion.
I like that idea. Heat gun. Then I'll wipe is down with some thinner when done. Thanks for the tip. Didnt even think of just leaving epoxy on it, thought I had to top coat. Heat of the mufflers doesnt bother it??
As long as epoxy is not receiving direct sunlight you are fine. I don't know the exact heat range that is acceptable you'll have to ask Barry about that. I have used SPI epoxy on at least 5 different vehicles and have never had a problem with it. Some were paint over 5 years ago and still look great.
do you have access to a hot water pressure washer? can you rent one? mine here will run 4000psi, 4gpm at 200deg. it will take that stuff right off