rust removal on pitted metal


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Working on a 54 chevy PU. Have several new pieces that I painted SPI red several years ago. Going to complete project this winter with SPI Red using all SPI products. My issue is the old parts; Hood, front splash , latch apron and others that are rusted and badly pitted. I am concerned if i sand blast it will blow thru..or warp. I am going to chem strip the parts to remove OE paint and rust reformer that was sprayed years age. Question how do i get rust out of the pits? I know Berry doesn't like Ophso but that seems like the only practical solution. Would the epoxy primer seal the pits sufficiently so as to not get bleed thru?


I find media blasting the best litmus test to the condition of the metal.. If it holds to the media, it will hold paint. If it blows a hole, weld in some fresh metal, it was short lived anyways.. The scale inside the pits MUST be removed or you will see it again. Repairs are cheap before the paint goes on...