Sandblasting frame with some components attached


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Hello new forums. I have an old 1994 ranger that looks like it was made out of rust. I just got because I got interested on wrenching on cars. Sorta wish I started with a truck in better condition a while ago but now I just wanna finish it and make it function and last. Would it be safe to sandblast it with the bed, gas tank, transmission and wires removed but not the cab? I think maybe I could unbolt the cab and lift it a bit if need. How bare would the metal need to be the seal out the rust with epoxy? Is there a better method? Or should I skip this for now? (trying to do this cheap)
Edit: I'll go ahead and do it. I guess it's not perfect but better than nothing.
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Depends on the condition of the underside of the cab and frame in that area.
To do it right, unbolt the cab and lift it enough to blast everything clean (no rust) and then apply two coats of unreduced epoxy primer.
There is nothing more frustrating than to go through all this work, time and money and then regret you took a shortcut.

The thing with restoration work is that you will always see and remember the things that could have been done better.