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While reading a resto project of a well known name, although from a somewhat earlier time, he mentions "color gets sanded between coats of base to enable perfect metallic separation."

Has anyone ever done this?


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Funny, talking about this yesterday, I don't sand each coat but say i have full coverage with three coats and the base is laying perfect, I may wetsand with 1500 the next Saturday and shoot one more coat before clearing.
So the conversation yesterday was, base looked perfect before i sanded it and in my little mind makes the job more perfect???
But not so sure as i don't really see it. I would love that guys take on it and what he sees?

I talk to a lot of restorers that sand base for same reason i do, just not sure why?


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It's really only necessary if there is excess texture from sealer, a mistake happens, or if there is too much dirt. Modern base coats should have very little texture, and sanding runs the danger of having the metallic highlight the scratches unless two coats are put on over the sanding. It makes no sense to do this unless there is a problem because the last thing you want to do is have excess base coat build. Fine metallics are especially prone to having scratches show later if not enough material is applied. I've even seen 800 scratches show in a blend with a fine metallic where not enough transparent base was used to fill the scratches prior to blending.


[QUOTE="crashtech, post: 63086, member: 8" I've even seen 800 scratches show in a blend with a fine metallic where not enough transparent base was used to fill the scratches prior to blending.[/QUOTE]

Me too, I now spray my "to blend" areas (or panels) with Bulldog Adhesion Promoter first, it fills the scratches and gives a much
more uniform surface to spread the blend out on. I get a much better blend/finish that way.


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Blender like Crash is talking about is how I do it. SPI Intercoat could be used for it as well. The Intercoat makes for an excellent blender.


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Hey guys, I had some really weird delam problems about 8 years ago when we briefly switched to using Bulldog adpro (in the gallon) as a blending clear. I hope they have changed the recipe for the sake of those using it, because we had to repaint a couple of jobs, years after the fact. Really weird, the clear only came off where there was no base coat, only Bulldog and clear. I just feel lucky that we stopped using it pretty quickly, something about it spooked me, I think it wrinkled on a couple of things. Anyway, sorry about the off-topic. I just get nervous whenever anyone mentions Bulldog for this use case.


Why not use the Intercoat clear? You can activate it and make it an even more awesome product.

Sometimes those 800g sand scratches are visible because there is trapped sanding dust in them. I've had that happen many times.
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