Sanding Epoxy Sealer Imperfections


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A few days ago I sprayed SPI black epoxy sealer(1:1:.75, SPI black base, and SPI universal clear on the door jambs, under hood, under trunk and everything came out great. After cleaning and re-taping, today I sprayed the sealer on the rest of the car and my suit touched the wet epoxy sealer. I also got some trash in a few spots. So I definitely need to sand some areas, and am considering sanding the entire thing just for uniformity. I have 400 grit for the Durablocks as well as 400 6" discs for either the DA or Orbital. Which do you guys recommend using? I don't have 600 in rolls or disks.
I have heard more and more talk about using the DA to wet sand to reduce any left over scratches. Makes sense. I have a Shurhold 3500 long throw DA 21mm. Thanks for your opinions.