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sanding off paint

I need to remove paint to bare metal on at least two doors and one rear quarter panel. The top of one door is done using a 80 grit 5" disc at 45oo rpm and a blue paint stripping disc on an angle grinder. I'm mostly melting the paint off. Its slow going, so looking for a better method. I have a 7" hook and loop pad I can put on a makita sander/buffer. Any suggestions on how to do it more efficiently? Maybe a coarser grit sandpaper at a slower speed so I'm sanding the paint off instead of melting it.


A buffer usually does it pretty quickly.
60 to 80 grit is usually enough to make clouds of it.
Sometimes slowing it down works better.
To fast and the heat loads it up quickly.
You'll have to play with it to find what works best, I
think I run one around 1800 RPM most times.
Ok, just a quick followup, I use razor blades and a heat gun on the door while I waited for more sanding discs to arrive. It worked OK, but still kinda slow. I then received some 60 and 80 grit abrasive discs for my variable speed sander/buffer. Using the slowest speed, the 60 grit sanded off the paint without melting it, but needed to use a minimal pressure so as not to gouge the surface too much. The 80 grit worked best after the top layer (color) was removed. Followed that up with 80 grit on a DA to make it ready for epoxy. Thanks for your help.
will make a gooey mess. simply warm the paint and it will come off in strips . i've peeled a camaro in a weekend .
When I first started with the heat gun and razor, I got a nice peel right down to bar metal, with nothing left, from then on it was more laborious with not be able to get clean strip. I probably spent about 35-40 minutes on the door.
the only spots i skip over is filler. it is porous and will not separate . if you keep the heat running ahead of you it should peel right off. use a thermo gun to help you know how warm to get it .


Top Banana
Hey Shine- what temp do you like? No current peel projects, just wondering.
I took it up to where i slightly smelled it and was doing bumper fillers. Worked great.
And hot enough to where I could touch, but not comfortable.

Posting this 7:45pm eastern.
i keep the paint just warm enough to get rubbery . no need to over heat. i do this because i dont want the chips from cold peeling and after the last car was stripped using the 3m strip disc i threw them away. god awful mess . i got into peeling because of vettes. i hate chemstrip and refuse to use it. during summer i can put a door outside for 30 min and it will peel off in strips easily .