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Who uses one of these? I have the 1.0 tip and am not in love with it at all. I'm using for base and clear (UV maybe Euro]
I was hoping to use it for a door sized projects.
What about you folks?
gun is mainly used for small projects like motorcycle helmets and touchups. ive even heard of people using them as airbrushes.
you wont get uv out of that tip.
I talked to SATA customer service and they recommended 1.0. I was unsure but went with it. I just got a 1.2. Not sure I want to open it if I don't like the gun.
I have that gun with a 1.2 and spray UV clear. Don't like it at all, can't seem to get a smooth finish with it. For such a small gun, it's a hoser though. I much prefer the sri pro lite with a 1.2, which is what I mainly use now.
Recommended fluid tip for UV is 1.4 minimum
Miniguns are a whole different game when it comes to tip sizes. I guess is the relationship of the needle and the size of the aircap.

My Iwata LPH-80 1.2 will spray the Universal fine, but I would only use it for small parts.

The LPH-300 is an in between gun in size, not mini but smaller than the LPH-400 and with a smaller fan, it could very well be the perfect gun for bumpers and 1 panel painting. Mine sprays pretty much everything good (epoxy, 2K sealer, basecoat, clear, SS) with a 1.4 tip.
Same as Jorge M. I have a mini gun starting line and can spay anything thu it but have to reduce with reducer but just small parts or jams