satajet 2000 air connector


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I just ran into a satajet 2000 digital for the nice price of 10 euros... i bought it...

It looks in very good condition, everything is oiled and there are no traces of old paint.

The digital screen has a little crack, but the most important is that the bottom air-connector is missing...

I thought it would be a standard connector, but in the explodes-view (part 109) it is written that removing this part voids warranty…??

It looks just like a standard part which doesn’t alter the functionality...

Anyone able to explain to me how this works and if the gun is now useless?

And where I could find such a connector?

Thanks so very much!



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I have a 2000 RP with the digital bought in 98 never have used the gauge, so no big deal.
The connector part confuses me can you post a picture.


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hey Barry, thanks for the reply.
I added a photo for less confusion...
Do you use a manual gauge to adjust the air pressure?


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Id think ace hardware would have a double-sided fitting, dont know
But it should be the same size as the male and female fittings in picture 2 but never been through this, so not sure


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Indeed, i paid in euros in France. Found your forum very usefull, thats why i posted here!
I tried a standard connector i took out of an air-gun, but it is a smaler diameter and a less fine thread.
In the exploded view and on youtube a saw that the digital version has a (loose) plastic tube inside the handle. I think the non-digital version doesnt have the plastic tube. i cant see it in my gun, and the hole isnt that big.
I think i will go looking for a toolshop to see if i can find a connector that does fit.
I am living in a rural area, ans there are not so many good shops always more usefull to ask the guys that know best (your kind)!


If you can't find a fitting you may want to try these people,
they have most everything.
You just first need to identify the size and thread number you need.



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Yeah, you have to find someone locally with a thread gauge to see what thread that is. I would assume it's some kind of tapered (pipe) thread. Here's a resource that might be helpful:

found a breakdown I could read the numbers from, 95091 and 55848. Tried searching here no hits. I am guessing you now know why you got such a deal. Seems you need to find another satajet digital, probably in worse shape for more money so you can scavenge these parts.

This is one hit that came up with cheap parts, but not the same part numbers, maybe an email to them would work.