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Sealer fisheyes over previous repairs

I'm having issues painting my firewall. I sandblasted and primed with 6620 and everything was right with the world. I sprayed gloss black urethane and I was not satified with the amount of orange peel, so I wet sanded and reshot a week later. Still too much orange peel with this Summit Racing single stage, So I bought a different brand and resprayed and now I have lifting. I spray a few other pieces and didn't have issues, I don't think it's moisture or the paint. So, I waited another week, sanded, applied wax and grease remover waited the 30 minute induction time and sprayed 6620 as a sealer. It is also having issue where I have sanded though the single-stage with what looks like very small holes.
Odd, as it's ok where I just skuffed, so I don't think it's reacting to the newer urethane.
Any ideas as to the cause and the resolution?



How much did you reduce the 6620 and what speed of reducer did you use?

Looks like the reducer is melting the SS where you broke through while sanding.

You may have to re prime with the epoxy at full strength and start all over again, preferably with a better quality SS or go with a good basecoat and SPI 2100 clear.
I used 870 Medium reducer at 25%. I wet sanded at 400 and seemed to have it all smooth again without breaking through the sealer, so I'll try another coat of sealer and see if it happens again.
I happened to notice that #700 Wax and Grease remover says not to use on fresh basecoat. Makes me wonder if that caused my issues.

The epoxy looks ok when dry, I just wanted it at a high gloss.
if it looks like smallholes where you cut into the ss then the ss probably solvent popped and when you sanded it you cut into those micro bubbles. now every time you spray the paint wont bridge those holes. you would need to spray a thicker high build primer to bridge over those then paint it.