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Setting Up My Tekna ProLite to Spray SPI SS

I have been spraying furniture finishes for 30 years, and have just started working with the automotive finishes over the past 3 years. I learned on a cup gun and a pressure pot system, so I am very comfortable with both. I own and use various HVLP guns, so I am familiar with them as well.

I need some advice on setting up my Tekna ProLite for spraying SPI SS Black. I konw that I could call Barry and have him walk me through it, but I thought that it might be a general interest question so I am posting it here. If Barry wants me to take it off-line and over the phone, I am OK with that.

Here's what I've got:
Tekna Prolite Pressure Feed Gun
Air Pressure Regulator at the gun
Devilbiss 2 Qt. Pressure Pot
12' of 3/8" Fluid and 3/8" Air Hose
Plenty of Air-125# at the wall with dessicant dryer, seperator, drain
TE40 and HV40 Air Caps
PRO 205-14 Fluid Nozzle
PRO 320-12-14 Fluid Needle
PRO 320-085-10 Fluid Needle

Which needle and nozzle do I use? Which air cap? If these are not the correct ones, please advise which ones I need.

Also, I know that it is the old way of spraying to use a pressure pot, but I am used to it and will be using it for this job and going forward, so no need to tell me that it is the wrong way to do it. I really want to know how to do it with what I have.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.

the only difference is the pressure in the pot. gun will shoot the same. 1.4 at recommended pressure. 20-25 lbs i would guess. the pot pressure needs to be set low and adjusted out .