Shiny Ring around sanded area



I am repainting a 2015 traverse and doing some spot repairs. I am using a DA with 320 grit and where ever i sand through the clear there is a glossy ring. I sprayed the dust off in them spots and noticed that sometimes the paint flakes away as if if there is no adhesion there. I then took my fingernail and i can actually scrape paint away from that area like its a scratch off lottery ticket :eek: ----- So am i going to have to sand this all the way past the shiny ring? Suggestions?? Anyone ran into this on newer vehicles? I know this has not ever been repainted so it is 100% factory paint. Its hard to tell from this photo but you can see the gloss spots towards the top of the photo and then towards the bottom

This happens on lots of newer (and older) vehicles and it is poor adhesion. It will be a peeler one day, IMO. All you can do short of stripping it is to feather it out best you can. Use of progressively finer grits will help, ending with 600 wet. Then spray SPI epoxy (preferred) or 2K over the area, not too heavy, with plenty of flash time between coats. Refinish as usual, sanding with 600 without breaking through, base, and clear.
Spot repair either at the factory or the dealer. I see it all the time at work and even posted with photos of the issue here showing that very same thing. The bad thing on my end is the Ins. Co's will not pay to do more then the damaged area so shops can only do so much.
its not a spot repair - It is everywhere i have had chips or had to do bodywork. It was also under both rear quarter glass and the hatch glass. the guy that removed the glass for me said he has never seen the urethane adhesive take a layer of paint off. it really looks like it was painted twice - that shiny layer is as glossy as the top layer.
Even with new vehicles, you never know. Found light filler before on vehicles that had no evidence of repaint.
I fixed lots of minor damage on new cars before they were sold, usually the day of, or day before delivery, with the salesman in a panic after finding a scratch or ding hours before delivery was to take place. Had to drop everything and fix it, because sales took priority over collision jobs. This car looks to have been repainted at the factory without any type of scuff in between. Even without a repaint, a lot of the newer cars have problems with adhesion, especially between the primer and base. They just don't want to feather, and you can take your fingernail and scrape the base off.
I've seen this before, it's indicative of a process problem at the factory. Epoxy primer should help the repair stay put.
Isn't it great to know the factory makes mistakes! Makes it easy when a customer says "put it back to factory finish".
I would say hit another section and feel the temperature of the panel as soon as you stop sanding. Turning the DA up fast and using a coarse grit could heat that panel up to effect the clear coat.