Shooting Duracryl over 2K primer-any tips?


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Want to shoot PPG Duracryl 9317 over a SPI 2k urethane primed Camaro heater box (interior underdash box). This is the black lacquer with a suede finish added for texture, so final gloss isn't important. I know, lacquer is ancient technology but I have the paint and am trying to do it original. Under the dash shouldn't be a problem for fade or durability.

Anyway, never shot this before but any tips on surface prep, thinning, gun setup (tip size) etc? I've read that there may be atomization issues using an HVLP gun with old school lacquers. Seems like the lacquer atomizes too well and goes on dry. Using a slow thinner seems to help they say. Some say to only use a Binks 7G or similar siphon gun. I would rather use an HVLP is possible.

Again, I am not looking for gloss, just even coverage. Should i shoot a sealer coat first of the 2K primer? I will probably be shooting in 75-90 degree temps.

Please help a novice out. Don't want to have to do it twice if I don't have to.

thanks in advance for the help


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I wouldn't know where to get a good color thinner anymore. Maybe 885 would work, but we'll have to leave it to @Barry to clue us in on that. I would not shoot a sealer unless it was a sealer that matched the paint tech, like a 1K acrylic. Don't know where you'd get that either. Probably best to not bother, or to shoot epoxy as sealer the night before.


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You can seal with epoxy at 25% and than spray the lacquer in about 4 hours if you wish.
You can spray over the 2k primer but make sure you sand the primer the same day you base it.
870 will work fantastic in the lacquer.