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Just bought a new house with an interesting garage setup. It has a 2.5 car garage with a "1.5" car sized garage attached to the back of it. Plan is to put compressor/tools/mixing area in the back portion, and split the font 2.5 garage into two areas. One for painting and one for mechanic work. Max line length would be about 50ft from compressor. I have been looking at the MaxLine kits from RapidAir. Compressor is a 5hp 60gal C-Aire. Probably going to have 3 drops total.

Would 1/2" ID line be sufficient or should I step it up to 3/4" ID? The drops would then go to 3/8" flexzilla. I am a one man deal so I would not be using multiple air tools at once.

Any input would be appreciated.
I would just use Rapid Air 3/4" with a refrigerated air dryer in the mix for a worry free air supply.

I second what Shine said.

Is this a detached garage? I wouldn't think you would need 1.5 car garage area for compressor, tools and mixing area I would think dividing off .5 would be good leaving the 1 car area for more room. You would be surprised how much room working on a car will take up.
Its weird how they did it. The back portion was a really old garage/building prior to the house and new garage being built. It is connected by roofing panels but not walls. Heres the sketch from the appraiser showing the layout. To the right is the house. Not real sure how im going to lay it all out yet but i know ill put compressor as far away from house as possible. I will get a flammables cabinet. Thanks for the input.