Should I use SPI bedliner?

I have a gallon kit of unopened SPI bedliner dated July 2014. Should I use it or toss it?

If I use it, I would like to split it in half gallons. Use 1/2 on the underside of a pickup cab now. Then use the other half for the insides of the fenders when I get them prepped. It could be next summer before I get to use the other half. Would it still be OK to use then?

Lastly, Do I need to spray the bedliner over epoxy within the epoxy recoat window? Or can it be done at anytime without scuff or prep?


do not leave a 1/2 gal in a gal can. buy some cans and pour it into qrts. otherwise you will have a 1/2 gal hockey puck.
Thanks, will do.

Do I have to get the bedliner sprayed before the epoxy recoat window ends? It is the underside of a truck cab. It's not looking good for me to get the bedliner sprayed soon. I don't want to have to scuff it, won't be easy...
Thanks for the advice, Barry! Bedliner turned out excellent. I couldn't be happier!

Shine, I followed your advice, and divided the leftover to quart cans, then purged with argon (recommended by Barry)