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Something glossier than 4:1 Matte black?

I sprayed my engine bay and bottom of my car in SPI Matte black, mixed 4:1, last year. Now, I am on to painting some trim pieces (window drip cap, Windshield trim, etc). I want something glossier than the Matte black. What happens if I reduce the matte black? What about using it at 2:1? (since 4:1 is glossier than 6:1, and 6:1 is glossier than 8:1)
I wanted to try this and Barry did not recommend it, so I didn't at the time. I do think very small additions of RTS clear would probably work, the problem being that it will probably get less "repeatable" the more clear gets added, so once a gloss level is settled on, paint everything in one shot if it's going to be adjacent.