Southeast Texas?


If it ever got that cold here, we wouldn't have power for a year. Maybe your power people need to call our power people and explain how to keep the electricity on below freezing:)
i think the power people that are out climbing the poles doing repairs around here would be doing the work in shorts down there.
pretty darn cold last week( -14 at 8 am wednesday morning) and i saw some workers up some power poles doing repairs.
TONS of respect for them.


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The problem with the roads was ice under the snow. We got freezing rain and sleet first, then it snowed on top of 1/4" of ice. The temperature didn't get above freezing for 4 days after that, and our road crews don't really have the equipment to clear the roads. Power outages were a big problem, but there are lots of people with no water still, and houses that are messed up from busted pipes.
How far does the trouble go? Have parts from canada that finally made it to Memphis fed ex on Friday and the only update since Saturday is no clue on delivery.