Speed Clear for custom work


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I saved the piece of tape covering the fuel tank hole. After 2 coats unreduced epoxy, epoxy sealer mixed 1:1:1, 2 coats SPI catalyzed base, and 4 coats of Speed Clear, I folded it back and forth and wadded it up trying to make it crack, and it wouldn't. I gave the tape to the owner and he was so amazed he was going to show it to his wife. I'm sure she was thrilled:)


The speed clear is a little bit more $$ but my results have been stellar and I don't have anything close to good conditions. I have found a 1.4 is the way to go.


Speed clear powders up nicely when DA sanding and is not very prone to pigtails, makes buffing easy, something else
I like about it.
Outstanding flow coating job, Texas.
This is why I prefer a clear that gets hard fast.
Unlike most that want one that stays soft.