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SPI cleans easier?

Just shot a bunch of epoxy and regular primer this weekend and the first thing I noticed was how much easier it seemed to clean my gun afterward compared to the last products I was using...any merit to that or is it all mental? Or maybe im mental... ;)

Oh, and the regular primer was thicker than other "high builds" I was using before as well, had to add about a shot glass worth of reducer with my 1.8tip and it shot like glass with great build.

Great stuff!


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Thank you but to be honest, I would say not much difference in cleaning but it could be the cleaner you are using also.
I learned years ago it is fast and cheaper because of less cleaner used to use a fast urethane reducer, this is also what we use in our gun cleaner machine at the plant.
Oh interesting, I've been using a 5 of Akzo nobel laquer thinner I was given from my local paint jobber. Works well. Thanks again for answering a tech text! Whether you buy one gallon or 500 your service is amazing. Thanks again! Customer for life.