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SPI Does It Again

I'm sure it's no surprise to hear about the customer service at SPI again, but I felt like I had to mention it.

I called this morning to place an order. I got Andy on the phone and after I asked a technical question I got WAY more than I expected. I won't go into any detail here, but I just felt like I had to give these guys another public "thank you" for exceptional service once again. You are much appreciated and I just wish that more places of business were run like your operation.

Just another reason why I'll only use SPI and brag about your products and service any time there is an opportunity.

Thanks again.


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Great, just don't tell Andy as he might want a raise and I just hate dirty words like raises!

Thanks we do appreciate the feedback!
I agree with you Prplpny68. I know of no other place where you get the personal treatment you get here at SPI. I just recently got a friend to try the product and he loves it. He told me he called the tech line and when Barry answered he was just amazed that the owner picks up the phone and helps him. He also said Barry went way into the details of how to set up his gun and air pressures and other things that really helped him out, not just how to use his product. I know Barry has bailed me out a few times and is always cheerful to talk to, even when he is on vacation.... :) Great guys here with Barry and Andy. Even if Andy won't let me charge me stuff to Barry's card....
I dont think I ever related my experiece with SPI. I can tell you they go out of thier way to provide an awesome product and follow up with technical support which is second to none!
It's one thing to have the best products on the market, yet another to price those products lower than the rest, but throw in the very best customer service and you get SPI. Nobody else comes close. PERIOD!!!!!!!
Yes they are a top notch company with great customer service Barry's been helping me a lot with answers and product . After all my problems thanks to you Barry