SPI Epoxy over e-coat?


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Going to start buying parts for my Mustang restoration, but have a question on replacement panels. I see many replacement panels come with a black e-coat paint. Can I use Epoxy Primer over this? or do I sand to bare metal, then Epoxy?


I've always just scuffed it with a red scuff pad and sanding paste.
I've never had a problem so far.
Most body shops don't even do that.


I struggled with this decision on my truck box, which was all Taiwan metal. In the end these guys convinced me to get rid of it and in two cases on just my stuff I had something fishy under the ecoat. My blaster said there was writing of some kind under one of my box sides, and I had something weird on an inner fender skirt. Hard to say what either were or if they would have been a problem.


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I scuff it with red scotch brite and shoot, never had a problem. Sometimes you can see 'disturbances' under the ecoat or something just doesn't look right; if that's the case, I will sand it off.