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Spi epoxy

I have always sanded down to bare metal or had the vehicle blasted. I read a comment somewhere a couple of weeks ago that said Spi epoxy was a great way to seal a laquer paint job. Why do you suggest it isn’t a good thing to do? Thanks for your help.
Because lacquer is soluble, or reversible. It's like building a house on shifting sand. Epoxy on lacquer is better than some other ways to try and get away with something that just needs to look good for a while, but it's never how anyone should attempt a nice job.
Shooting epoxy over laquer will work, sort of. If you break through the epoxy while sanding, you may have lifting around the break through when you attemp to recoat it. The laquer will absorb solvents that the epoxy will not an a ring will occur.

Also, the laquer may crawl weeks after it is shot, if the solvents work their way through epoxy into the laquer. I had this occure weeks after the car was painted.

I have done it successfully but not without challenges along the way. If you can avoid it do. If you can not avoid it be sure to use the longest flash times possible and make sure you have good build with the epoxy.

Good luck,
How good does the Spi base coat cover? Thanks
As good as the best highest priced major Co.'s base. Barry and his crew have really done their homework and would never cut corners anywhere to make a buck, that is the one thing that truly sets SPI apart from any other Co., bar none.