SPI Orange Finally Photographed!


Mopar Nut
It took a professional photographer to finally get a shot of "As Orange as Barry Can Make It Orange" [AOABCMIO] (my trademark name for it when everyone asks what color is it) that does not saturate the camera sensor....... He was drawn to the car like a bug light at a show recently :)



Wow nice color on those cars.. Looks like it maybe a good match for a 1974 honda Trail90 Im getting ready to paint. The color was called Mars Orange. Tough trying to find the right paint and code for these old honda trail bikes. Honda did not use the standard code system we have today until 1982 I believe.


Mopar Nut
WOW!!!! A show winner at any show!!!
Damn nice!!
I am stunned. I took it up to Phoenix where all the real $$$ is in Arizona to a large Mopar only show..... The Coronet took first in the '68-'70 B-Body Modified class..... did I say I am stunned.... This would have never ever happened if I did not have SPI and Barry on the tech line to talk me off the ledge a few times on Sunday mornings. I can't say enough good things about SPI at the shows when people ask about the paint.