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Spotted SPI on TV

While getting my old bones moving this morning I had the Velocity channel on. The show was Fantom Works and on their paint bench was a gallon of SPI urethane reducer. The top part of the label where it says Southern Polyurethanes Inc. was fuzzed out but I know that label when I see it. They also show them putting "epoxy etch" (misnomer stated by the shop owner) on fresh striped sheet metal. I sprayed enough SPI epoxy to know what it looks like and I'm sure that is what I saw on the car.
Say what you want about the show and the guy who owns that shop but they at least know what the best epoxy is.


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Was in that shop years ago with my jobber before the tv show started.
Good people.
Dan had asked me to sponsor show when he was getting ready to do it, i wanted too but that goes totally against our business plan.
It was the hardest no, i ever said and i have had a lot of requests too sponsor different things over the years.