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Spray Gun with dried clear coat on it.

Someone gave me a "used only once" DeVilbiss Startingline Kit.
The larger gun has dried clear coat on the cup and outside of gun around the tip area.
What should I use to get this gun cleaned up? I want to donate the set to our church yard sale but would like it to be clean and functioning.


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Take apart and soak in either lacquer thinner or even better, fast or medium urethane reducer for a day, it will start to come off.
Thanks. I normally clean with lacquer thinner but it is always immediately after I am done spraying. Wasn't sure if it would soften the hardened clear coat.
I actually have some leftover Omni Reducer from way back, I'll try to use that up as well.
for anyone that doesnt have one, i highly recommend the kleenstrip esg14. 4 gallon pail with the basket. its gun stripper. i generally clean my guns with lacquer thinner but maybe once a month i break the gun down and toss it in the bucket. takes off everything. basically a bucket of water thin aircraft stripper. one pail last me about 5 years.
yeah crash but what i have found and its confusing to me, that kleenstrip has 2 different products that they call naked gun spray gun cleaner. one is just a cleaner like what we would use lacquer thinner for after spraying. the other is an actual stripper. you need to be sure to get the right one. esg14 is the metal pail of stripper with a soaker basket inside.
That's what I have. I'm probably confused about what it says on the side, I was going by memory and there are actually two cans of stuff in the paint room, one to fill the gun washer, and one with the basket to dip the guns in when a mistake happens, or just periodically.