Spray Solid Color Vertical or Flat?


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I have a car that I sprayed the roof, door jambs and quarter panels and need to spray the rest of the parts off the car because of temps. If I'm spraying a Motobase solid white base, will there be a noticeable color difference in the parts when they get put back together if I spray the doors flat? Thanks for any input you can offer.


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I don't believe it will make any difference. The only time I will orient parts the same as they are on the car is if they are metallic. Just try to match the procedure you used on the body, and if the temperatures are cooler, give a little extra flash time.


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Just to add, make sure you do things the same as when you sprayed the body, meaning same color sealer, same number of coats. Hopefully you've broken your paint (base) down into quarts but if you haven't make extra sure you have it (base) mixed completely. Meaning nothing stuck to the bottom of the can.