Static on Plastic Parts


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Just curious what are you guys using to get rid of static when painting plastic bumpers/parts? It’s normally not an issue due to all the humidity here but the static the past few weeks in this dry cold air has been the worst I ever seen.


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I have considered an anti static gun in the past but a friend of mine has one and he swears it does not work very well.

It was a raw plastic bumper I just painted. Used scuff stuff and gray pad. Washed with soapy water (dawn) when done. Then cleaned with 700 before promoter. And the static was still terrible. I was lost at what else to do. I might have gotten too carried away when wiping the 700 dry. Hopefully it was a fluke.


I have the static gun shown. I like it. It takes more than waving it like a magic wand. You need to make passes as if you're painting. It won't correct poorly cleaned areas.


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If you are painting in a booth one trick is to wet the floor a little. It will raise the relative humidity level and lessen the static sometimes even eliminate it.
Like others have said, 700 is good or if you are out, a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water (distilled preferably) works when wiping down. Spray on, don't go crazy wiping it off. Fresh wipes and wipe once, don't go back and forth.