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Stripes over metallic, clear first or intercoat first

Looking for opinions. I'll be spraying mettalic base and would like to shoot metallic stripes. After I let the base set up overnight, is there any benefits to putting down some intercoat in the stripe area then mask? Or is it better to shoot the whole car with 2 coats of clear, set overnight, block the car with 600, stripe and clear the next day?

Obviously there is a larger amount of work clearing the whole car vs. intercoat. And the intercoat and stripes would all be done in one day.

Would either way make a noticeably difference ?

If I were to clear the whole car, what is the time frame before I can put down the tape and stripes?

Opinions and experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.
I generally mask right in the metallic base once its set overnight BUT shooting a coat or two over intercoat on any areas you will be working on or around does give you the addeded benefit of being able to wipe the base down without disturbing the metallics if you get handprints, dirt, smudges, etc on it.