Stripping plastic bumper

Hey guys, got a bumper job here to do. It’s obvious it’s new aftermarket and been painted semi recently. The prep appears poor. Good enough to not blow off with blow gun but poor enough that it has a million stone chips already. Is there a stripper I can use on this plastic cover that will make life a little easier instead of stripping it with a da? Much appreciated. Thanks!
Most of the time I will try to convince the customer to get a new bumper. OEM might price match an aftermarket price. But if we can't, we sand it off where we can, and media blast where we can't. Thing is, with an A/M part, you're simply polishing a turd.
My absolute least favorite thing in collision is stripping an aftermarket bumper. The bumper stripper we used to use worked marginally. None of the good formulations are available anymore AFAIK. If you know of anyone in your area who can soda blast that would be ideal for your bumper and worth the money it costs. Cause you'll spend hours trying to get it all off. Soda blast or new AM bumper IMO.
I think some shops do not seal the new bumpers. I see bumpers that chip to the black primer easily. Sealer should have 100% adhesion to that primer.

I have not tried chemical on bumpers in a long time. It did not go well the time I tried it.
I end up sanding them and try to bury the fuzzy spots with primer.
Yeah this was def not sealed. I would much rather get a new one and scuff, seal, spray. It will be cheaper in the end. My local aftermarket suppliers don’t have one in stock which blows my mind. I have one more place I’m going to check with tomorrow. I had a feeling there wasn’t any good way to strip it besides mechanically stripping it. Which this is just a cash job and isn’t practical to put that much labor into it. I’d rather buy a new cover out of the budget myself than strip this poorly prepped cover. We’ll see how it goes.
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