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Anyone have any experience with the Sunmight wet sandpaper? Quality stuff or not? Especially the color sanding grits (1000,1500,2000)? Anyone have any recomendations for ultra fine paper (other than 3M)?


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The green da paper and roll paper are awesome, as good or better than anything I have used. Haven't tried the wet paper yet, but have tried the 1200 da paper and it works pretty good, maybe not quite as good as eagle, but half the price. The 80# 8" da paper also lasts longer than anything I've tried when stripping paint. I like the green a lot more than the gold, seems to cut better and last longer. I'm interested to hear some more feedback on the wet paper, but I would bet it's as good as 3M.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
More questions. What about Norton Ice versus 3M? Equal? Better? Worse? Mainly concerned with wet/dry paper and the fine grits 1000 and up. I've only really used 3M over the years and wonder if there is something cheaper that is as good? Meguiars sells color sanding paper as well. But that stuff seems overpriced and I'm sure it's made by another company. Is it any good?
Not enough experience doing the dry method and being this one is black just going to do it the way I know. Would like to try the dry method one day though.

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I use the sunmight 2500 and 3000 grit wet dry paper all the time wet sanding clear and it does a great job, I bought it on ebay. I also use Keen Abrasives wet dry in 2000 grit wet a lot on clear and have been well satisfied for the price, I think I paid $32.00 for 125 sheets of 2000 on ebay also.


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Had a shop call last night and a grit question led to he has nothing but sunmight in his shop and said the best sandpaper ever.
He said (salespeople come in all the time trying to give him samples of their paper and I refuse)
He was adamant about the paper for sure.


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Resurrecting an older post a bit. I think some of my recent issues have come down to cheap-o sandpaper and I'm going to pick up some Sunmight, based on this post, for my color sanding (1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 (padded)). I found it at R&E Paint Supply out of Mountain Home, AR. They seems to have it cheaper than other places I've found with free shipping for orders over $99. Anyone ever order / hear about them? It's $28.50 for a box of 50 for all grits except the padded 3000, which is $30.95 for 10.