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Taking 2 cars and making one

Trying to get an idea if i'm off base or not on my labor estimate. Got a old mopar here that they do not offer replacement 1/4's outer wheel wells and trunk extensions for.
Found a solid donor back half so thats not an issue.
I'm estimating (more like guessing lol) that its going to probably take 20 hrs to remove all the spot welds from the donor so I have useable 1/4s, trunk extensions and outer wells. That sound about right or am i estimating to short?
I don't think those sorts of jobs can be estimated with any accuracy. Putting hardtop qtrs on a 'vert is going to mean very long seams. I think qtr replacements ran about 18 hours on those in collision manuals, and rear body panels about 6. But that was with new factory parts at factory seams, so it's just a starting point. I usually calculate trim and repair (removing a used part from an existing section of another vehicle) to be approximately half the book replace time. So to pull a used quarter off one car and put it on another would start at about 27 hrs and go from there depending on a dozen other factors.