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Tape edges on two-tones and striping - Hoe to remove??


Garage hack at night.....
HOW!!! not Hoe, lol anyways..

What are some of your tricks to flatten out a paint edge between colors such as striping or graphics.. just curious how some of you guys go about removing them before clearing.
Wicking action causes the paint to be higher at the tape edge than in the middle of the sprayout. If your color or graphic can be covered in one spraying, remove the tape just before flashing and the paint edge will settle down somewhat more than if the tape were there to help hold it up... A technique best used after practicing.....;)


Garage hack at night.....
Yes I know about burying them in clear. I'm trying to get my graphics to look like they are all on the same level. Not stacked.

Someone once told me they used a small piece of glass and held it flat on the part and ran it down and it would just nip the top of the edge and help get rid of the thickness of the paint build. Guess I'll just try that one time on a test part.
LAst time this came up I was talking Chevy rally stripes with a stripe, space, pinstripe while others were talking just one wide stripe down the middle with no rally pinstripe like the chevys. Which ones are we talking about this time? Best tip is removing the tape while the paint is wet so it rolls over itself. If you want to level the chevy style stripe, I would mask over the stripe color and spray the spacer stripe with clear before levelling it.