Tapeless 2 tone spraying


evil painter
Part of my day job these days has been an increasing amount of painting entrance doors with just commercial waterbourne acrylic paint.
Not much work room right now for multiple jobs, prep takes up most of my time, do installs, repairs etc, & a lot of customers want their door panels 2 colors. Getting hard to have time for 1 color to dry enough for tape not to risk pulling up paint. So been working on technique to spray 2 colors at 1 time on same door panel semi- nonstop. Have my shop made rotisserie setups to spin doors & paint flat or sideways & using a 6 stage titan turbine sprayer with pressure assisted gravity feed guns (2 right now).They're ok for what I'm using them for with paint additives to slow initial dry time & easy to vary trigger holding for slower finer flow rate without constantly adjusting gun.

In the example pictured I sprayed a light coat of green, fine spraying as little as possible on white edge while thoroughly covering green up to it. The edge to be green gets moderately coated spraying down. After a few minutes of setting up white side is sprayed , carefully up to green edge without much overspray & white edge sprayed pointing down. Little longer setup & light second coat. Few minutes setup & repeat green with spraying across door this time to miss hitting white edge with green.
Yea not car stuff, but we gotta find ways to do some things quicker to make a living.. I get a softer edge between colors which is more consistent than taped edge on a less than perfect rounded edge looks.


Are you blowing air over the doors to help flash off the water? I use a carpet dryer that I set up a good distance away and blow towards a corner so the air bounces around the room.


evil painter
I have some airflow across top of some of shop through intake louvers with exhaust on & some dead air space. Night & day difference with water base. I do set a northern tool 10" fan up high sometimes. Weather , time of day, & other company activity dependant, many times roll out in the sun when near dust free. Have 4 rows of 250 watt uv bulbs for winter & rush in summer, plus hair driers for spot rush. Ac unit in summer also when exhaust doesn't overtake it.

Scheduled to be moving to new location end of year & maybe have a real paintbooth, under budget of course, so looking into affordable variable conditioning for different times of year & different products. Think a filtered In & out exhaust setup that could be easily switched to recirculate would be nice to control temps when not spraying solvent base. Also positive pressure pressure would be great to not pull in crap from fab right next to me. Waiting on sample sized selection of Aquasurtech water based staining/ clear products that Jim C here uses, which may also use SPI white epoxy under on some.
Proposed space I may have is 22 x 24 area inside of warehouse, so will be looking into many times of systems for venting & airflow & whether prebuilt or handbuilt spray booth under whatever budget can allow. Booth has also been prep area, so thinking maybe curtains to separate at times could be good. If I have to start over in new location , tell you one thing, better have space to get a car in the booth on weekends.:p