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I will be shooting some Raptor liner in the next couple of weeks and I'm a little nervous about tape lines on my new paint. Its a 74 Bronco interior I will be spraying. I have been using the yellow 3M tape so far. Will this work with the bed liner? Instructions for the liner say to remove tape after 30-45 minutes. Are there any tricks to getting a nice edge when the tape is removed? Also, I can use the gun that came with the kit or I have a primer gun with a 2.5 tip. I would like to get a smoother finish since this is on the interior. Any suggestions on this would be great.


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The 3M yellow is not going to be strong enough. Most of the time proper bedliner materials needs a wire edge tape that can cut through the product after it is dry. That's what gives you that clean line. Stuff is expensive though. You could try doubling or even tripling up the yellow tape and pulling it when it is still soft. That may work. Good idea to test it on something first. Or get a roll or two of 3M green refinish (slightly stronger) and try doubling or tripling that up and see how it does. Don't wait the full time though if you use regular tape. Pull it as quickly as you can and have the product still give a clean line. Like I said before test it first before doing your interior.

If you want to spend the money the product I'm thinking of is called Dominion Sure Seal wire masking tape.


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Thanks Chris, I had no idea there was such a thing. I found some from what seems to be a reputable company named Langeman Manufacturing. It is about $16 for a 100 ft roll. Only thing is they are in Canada so shipping was $10. Didn't realize they were in Canada until I had already place the order. Guess I shouldn't be in a hurry.


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I used a 1.8 primer gun. Reduced each bottle of Raptor with 2oz SPI 885 reducer and added 2oz color. Shot really nice. Really smooth finish at about 28 PSI and fan all way open and fluid turned out a lot. Took a couple test patterns but looks good in my option. I used blue tape and pulled after the 3rd coat. Nice clean lines and didn't bleed at all on me.


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Does anyone know what a safe temperature is for spraying raptor liner? Tech sheet says ideal is 20C which is 68F. I need to get this done but don't want to take any chances. Our high is 64 Friday so I think I would be ok. Low is 48 but I can fire up a heater in the shop to keep the temperature reasonable.