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The next victim

Nice job.

Ok, I gotta ask.... what is that masking paper you used? Looks like it came from an un-cut roll of bag/box label material for some company's product. Nothing wrong with that just curious.
Lol. It's the paper used to package copy paper. Those are run off rolls from Georgia Pacific. Say they have a contract to make a companies paper and they decide to change the logo or design. These are the culls. Got a lifetime supply of the stuff. It's super. It has a plastic membrane embedded between two layers of thin ply paper. No bleed thru and it acts like a spray out when I'm painting to make sure I got complete coverage like a spray out card.
It can't be recycled because of the plastic. So they have to either burn it or it fills a landfill. Every shop town body shop around here uses it. The roll is prolly two foot tall and three to four foot wide. A roll lasts me like four years. Got 10 rolls left. Then I guess I'll have to start buying the crap green paper from the paint jobber.
Good deal. I just bought an 18" roll of the green masking for $16, free is real good and like you said no bleed thru that's a no brainer.