tiny paint blisters- what lies beneath


Top Banana
My swimming pool chair, tuning it up for swim season, a couple tiny blisters scraped reveals this.
I'm just wiping areas with good waterproof grease till winter & then blast/epoxy it or use another chair.
Entire frame, push rims, everything has 7 tubes of silicone caulk so it drips dry quick & doesn't float off ramp.
Bearings replaced with bronze bushings (thanks dad) & stainless bolts. Works great, swam 5,000 laps easy since it's creation.

Thought I'd share what looks good to the eye till ya dig deeper before buying that pretty pricey resto.

chair 4 2019.jpg


Combo Man
Chlorine is pretty rough on stuff. I wonder if, in the future, a rinse with a garden hose after being in the pool would help? Just a thought.


Top Banana
Crash i do by means of outdoor shower by pool. Like you said, chlorine's tough.
Paint likely had nick from getting in & out of car 1000 times prior.
Rubbed magic lube grease on it, left in sun, that grease goes from wheel bearing thick to water with heat. Soaked in nice. Yes i'll be cursing it this winter heh.
I just hate working on these chairs. I'd rather buff my entire car instead of doing simple chair repairs so..
Pulled tail lights, converting them to led bulbs. They heat lenses so much less. I also change flasher to led type.