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Tub lights


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Are you talking the round bucket that holds about 5 baulbs that look like
Flood lights?
If you are forget it .


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Perfect but bucket with just regular floods lights be cheaper and do the same thing and just as fast.
Crash, I have 3 of those. Being a mobile guy, I have limited power and the Infratech uses too much along with the compressor. Trying this to see if it works.


evil painter
Been looking into a few different types of heat for my door finishing at work. I saw there are also infared heaters that run off propane. Hmmm?
The thing about anything electric, less input, less output, but gotta live with your power supply..
For my little work shop I hardly got room for anything else on the floor. I got a bathroom 6 light strip fixture I may try hanging from a pocket door track setup that I can slide & lower slightly. I'm debating about getting more of the red 250 watt Philips bulbs or see what's still available in regular floods that isn't cfl or led as Barry suggested.