Ultra fine swirls?? In UV clear


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This is the pad I use with the Ultrafina polish. If you are not using this pad, or something comparable, although I don't know what that would be, you do not get the full effect. I.E. swirls, spider web scratches will remain. Done right this stuff works very well. Last one I did with this was black and had zero swirls or spider webbing when finished. Only stuff I know of that will take out the ultra fine scratches.

Thanks. I have one but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been using the black finish foam from TCP GLOBAL. They seem to be good, but I’ll try the 3m pad. The ultra fine polish seems to get it to a swirl fre shine. I was wiping the surface with my microfiber somewhat aggressively and later my swirls returned. I’m now misting with W&G remover and very gently wiping with one MF then a 2nd MF. Doing that I’m keeping a swirl free shine.

I had a detailer friend come over and see if he can figure out what is going on. Using a rupes gear drive and experimenting with a variety of pads and polishes, he couldn’t get it perfect. He thinks it’s dust contamination and the static cling, but was otherwise bewildered. He thought getting it to a more sterile environment and trying again would be the best test.

I have a custom paint/restoration guy coming over later to take a look too. See what his assessment is.
I truly think my shop, which is dusty and this static is the culprit. I also think my microfibers and my wiping is also a contributing factor.
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I use CSI in my shop and have no issues with it, even on black. I spray euro clear though. On blacks I use the CSI D1 polish with a dedicated red pad from CSI