Universal Clear Over PPG Blue Metallic

Joe in NY

First of all, I have very little experience at painting. I'm planning to use a PPG metallic blue base coat and then SPI Universal Clear. I was told by the PPG distributor that the window to apply the clear is only six hours. I didn't think to ask him if this was for PPG clear or any clear. Is that window dependent on which manufacturer's clear is used or is that window a function of the base coat?

Also, I have a question about paint costs. To be sure this is the color I wanted, I just ordered one quart of the PPG blue and one quart of the activator. The price was $250. I expected to pay more buying just one quart vs. a gallon but does that sound high?
I have been using the Motobase LV by Automotive Art purchased from Autorod Technologies in Michigan. (Chad Sperry a member here)
They ship it to my door and it is a quality product for a much more reasonable price IMHO.
I ordered a quart of Plymouth Electric Blue QQ1 for about half of what you paid. Of course your particular paint code will determine the price.

John Long

The cost of PPG finally drove me away also Joe. There are good products out there that are more reasonably priced. PPG does not appear to be interested in selling to anyone that is not running a high volume body shop. Once you have the mfr paint code you can shop for a quality yet affordable base. Motobase and Wanda are both brands I would willingly run with.



I don't use PPG base (unless I have to) but clear coat in 6 hours sounds short.
"one quart of the PPG blue and one quart of the activator" I think that "activator" is just reducer and yes way high price.
Last time I did use PPG base I used SPI reducer, some SPI hardener and cleared with SPI Euro clear. Probably cleared next day as I often do to make sure all the solvent is out of the base, but I don't remember the exact time.