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Unknown primer on Hood and Trunk lid

When i got my TR6 the trunk and hood were both already primered. Some flash rust forming on them. Would it be ok to just scuff with 80 grit wipe with 700-1 and SPI epoxy primer?


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I agree, da the stuff off, rusting sounds like Acid Etch or DTM urethane primer.

Now for the underside of the deck-lid and hood, red scuff pad and put 2 coats epoxy over it BUT not the outside.
Same restoration - inside cavity and internal door has original paint. Can i just scuff that as well and hit it with the primer? Not planning on painting these just leaving black SPI epoxy
I have a follow up question on this restoration project. I am approaching the end of my rust repair work and will need to apply some body filler around the patched areas. Going to use Evercoat Rage Ultra 125. Should i lay down the SPI Epoxy Primer first or do the body filler first?


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Wow man, You got your work cut out for you. Looking good though, and little man there helping is awesome! Be sure to add gussets to those lower A-arm mounts, I promise you'll be glad you did! It's maroon, that's a fairly rare color anymore, same color as the '69 I had. Now I have a '74 that I got pulled off of when the corvette came in, so it's a future project. Everybody loves a Tr6, gets more interest than jags and porsches!


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Sadly, I don't think I have any pics of my spitfires, I sold them in the 90's. But here's a link to my photobucket page with pics of my present Tr6.


Btw... The '69 I had, I painted it a ford black metallic ...this would have been in the 80's, with a white top, white tonneau, flip down headrests and white piping in the black carpets. It was a wonderful car, girls REALLY liked it!
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Pretty nice. What kind of grease is that in the wiper motor (it's blue). I have yet to rebuild mine. Also like the polished steering column!


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It's called Corrosion Block. It's a marine/aviation grease that's waterproof, but it has many uses. Google that one, it's related to corrosionX and acf50. All fantastic products. The steering column piece after I stripped it just looked like it should be polished :)