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Use SPI epoxy on engine?

Got my 327 engine back from my engine builder and it has been sitting on engine stand for some time. He used rattle can engine paint on the engine. He is a good engine builder but not a good painter. What is the best way to strip the rattle can paint and prep the engine for re-paint. Is it ok to prime the engine with SPI epoxy and then engine paint?
I sprayed the engine in my sons truck with epoxy and base/clear. Cleaned it with 710 then 700. Holding up great after a year of daily use. Sprayed it all white just to be different. Definitely shows any leaks:)
I had a sbc engine come back from the engine builder free of the factory paint and oil. I poured 710 cleaner in a spray gun and sprayed it down and wiped it off with paper towels. I rolled it outside in the sun and let it heat up the block thinking the oil would come out of the pours. I brought it back in and sprayed it and wiped it off again. Let it dry till the next day and shot a light but covering coat of Epoxy primer over it. Waited a couple of hours and shot 2 coats of color and then 2 coat of MS Clear over it. It's stayed on since 2011. I've since replaced that motor with a Flathead and did it the same way but used Universal Clear on it.