Using slow activator (2103) in S/S and reducer (885) in lower temps.


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I'm painting in an unheated shop but the temps here (SC) are getting 80's day/60's night.
I'm pretty sure I can keep the metal temp at 70* through the night until the following day.
I have almost a full gallon of 2103 and would like to use it and would like to use the 885 if needed.
I'm having to do the car in pieces and I'm wanting to do the firewall in the next few days.
Am I flirtin' with disaster?

FWIW, I tried calling the tech line throughout the day (4/6/21) and got "Line Busy". Never did get through.


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Thanks Don and TK.

Got a couple lights and a small portable bathroom heater on the area for the night to see what temp. the metal will maintain overnight.
Supposed to be 54* tonight but my shop is insulated and generally holds about 10* higher.


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Are you spraying epoxy sealer first? Lower temps with the SS will slow the cure, but won't stop the cure like epoxy.


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Yes sir.
I've got the firewall, cowl, windshield opening and jambs in bare metal. I want get all that in Epoxy before I expose any more bare metal and get too far ahead of myself.
I'd like to spray the firewall and cowl with S/S black inside the 7 day no sanding window.

Thanks again, TK

FWIW, The car is a '70 Cutlass. I had the thread "Major Oilcan".


You need "faster" reducer and activator for cooler temps, not slower.
I'd probably use a medium for your temps.