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Video lead in for local church

The only justification for posting this is my roadster has Barry's finest epoxy on it and the forum space says "Anything Else Your Proud of!" :)

One of the larger churches here in town ask me to let them use my roadster for a video lead in to their Christmas sermon. It was an interestng experience and I thought they did a good job editing a 7 hour video shoot down to 90 seconds.

Terrific stuff John! Great work, great car and a great message. :) 2 Corinthians 5:17 is one of my favorite verses.
Oddly, I have never been to the church even though it is in Chattanooga. it is one of the biggest churches in town with a paid video staff. I wish them well and agree they did a great job on the video but I am just fine in my small country church.