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Wanda basecoat

Jim has alot of experience with it and talks highly about it and recommended I give it a try. I looked and no one near me has it. So with that and Barry giving a thumbs up I say go for it you shouldn't have any issues.
It mixes 2:1 I have used it and I like it, but it is the only thing I use that mixes that ratio, just something to remember.

As a novice its done everything Ive asked of it.
Found a jobber close to me for some Wanda base. Any tricks I need to know about spraying it? Thanks.
I also use Wanda every day in my collision shop and very happy with it. Mixes 2:1 but each job is a little different so can go 1to1 if needed. The base lays out nice not as smooth as Diamont. On higher end repairs I give the base a longer time to flash and even over night to clear, tip from Jim C .Wanda as with most polyester bases have a tail solvent to release and of course I use SPI clears over Wanda base.
yes its 2:1 and i hear alot of people here bringing that up which is funny because i have never used a base that was 1:1. other than the stuff chad carries i couldnt tell you another base that had a 1:1 mix. diamont for example many years ago was 1:1 but then they changed it to 2:1 which i suspect was just to meet voc laws or something. they never made any change to the base itself. you can really mix basecoat any way you like. its just reducer so if you want to mix diamont, wanda or whatever 1:1 then by all means go for it.

on a side note, i dont like wanda reducers. they remind me of a low voc reducer that doesnt thin the base as much per amt added. it just sprays heavier, thicker and not as smooth when using their reducer. i have always used spi reducer in my wanda base.
I thought 1:1 meant the base was more concentrated and thus to get proper coverage/viscosity it needed more reducer?
2:1 in my way of thinking means the base is less concentrated and therefore requires half the amount of reducer.

I used RM Diamont back when it was 1:1 but have since gone with ProSpray, Wanda, SPI and now Motobase. The only one that mixes 2:1 is the Wanda to my knowledge.


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Your going to see more bases go to the 2:1 mix as very easy way to have a price increase without a price increase as reducer to you and solvents to me are cheaper than tints.
A number of majors have floated some factory packs over the last couple of years for unasked for feed back.
Lots of BS comes with reasons they say they did.
In Wanda's case price is good enough may not be an issue. But I will never forget what one of our customers said " /?'{]+=" when he ordered a factory pack from a major and it came in 2:1 at 1400 dollars a gallon. He was expecting to get 2 more quarts of paint like their regular system.