What’s wrong?

Doug C

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I’m an old school body man from the 70s-80s. The shops in my area were just starting to use the modern systems when I got out of the business. I’ve bought new HVLP spray guns and all the modern supplies for my current project. The problem I’ve been having is alot of orange peel. Almost a textured finish. I’m mixing everything according to package directions and going by the spraying procedures. I spray between 30 and 40 PSI from an 80 gallon 5.5 HP. 2 stage compressor . In the old days I would just thin the paint more, but I’m not sure what procedures to use with these modern paints.

Jim C

a little more info. what are you getting texture in, primer, base, clear ? what guns are you using? which primers, base and clear are you using?


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Could be as simple as you are too far away from panel with your compliant paint gun, made to spray 5-6" from the panel unlike the non-complainant that we could hold 10 -16 " away.
A few other note, use no internal gun strainers and wall pressure should be 125 min and than adjust air at gun with the trigger pulled.


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I spray my hvlp at 22 to 25 pound. Your 30 to 40 sounds hi to me. I run old comventionals that hi.