What causes the airbrush to spit?



I'm having trouble with my Iwata Eclipse (hp-BS? ? not sure) It spatters when I first pull back to get fluid

It's clean. I've taken it apart except for the packing near the front. Can too thick of paint do this?

Mike K

Can too thick of paint do this?
That is the MAIN reason for spitting.Especally White.
Reduce it some more and keep trying.
Most "basic" reduction is 1:100 but each color/product IS different.It's just a matter of trial & error and once you get a "formula" for colors,WRITE IT DOWN and use this as a base to begin with.With the Iwata,You can always add a little reducer to the cup,put the top on and shake it with your thumb over the bleed hole and test.Repete as necessary.


basic reduction is double the amount of reducer for standard spray gun.


Good to know. I tried it and it worked. I thought I assembled the needle in wrong. Thanks guys!