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What causes the airbrush to spit?

I'm having trouble with my Iwata Eclipse (hp-BS? ? not sure) It spatters when I first pull back to get fluid

It's clean. I've taken it apart except for the packing near the front. Can too thick of paint do this?

Mike K

Face your Fears
Can too thick of paint do this?
That is the MAIN reason for spitting.Especally White.
Reduce it some more and keep trying.
Most "basic" reduction is 1:100 but each color/product IS different.It's just a matter of trial & error and once you get a "formula" for colors,WRITE IT DOWN and use this as a base to begin with.With the Iwata,You can always add a little reducer to the cup,put the top on and shake it with your thumb over the bleed hole and test.Repete as necessary.