JC Daniel

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I have been using glazing putty over filler for pin holes and such but was wandering what would be a better choice?


evil painter
Evercoat honey is pretty much just the liquid you see at the top of a new can of filler, which if you don't thoroughly stir in, makes the first part of the can nicer to use & the last part overly dry & stiff. I wouldn't say it actually affects sanding other than a smoother applied finish needs less sanding. 2 part glazing putty has more of this type substance in it. I've used evercoat metal glaze as much as any in the past, but have heard many good comments on the dolphin glaze mentioned above. I've also many times used metal glaze into older filler , similarly as you would the honey stuff to soften it back up.
At the end of the day, probably not a ton of difference between similar products & proper methods, though how you mix & apply & cure/ sand them can be just as important.
Just to be clear on glazes, I called 1 part lacquer glazes for pinholes a hell no for me over 30 years ago for professional use.

JC Daniel

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The lacquer glaze was trashed, I have to have something a lot better on the next projects in the near future. I appreciate the advice guys.

El Toro

I notice Rage Ulta will have micro pin holes and will do as 68 and Elwood said. Evercoat has the Express micro pin hole eliminator but more cost and time to use. 2K glaze works as well so a couple of ways to do this........