What every new painter must read!

I’m a new member here and have learned a lot that I didn’t know. I’m a DIY guy that has done 3-4 paint jobs with the help of a very good friend that restores cars professionally. He is a DPI customer as well. Considering cost of materials I’m thankful to know about not touching metal with bare hands. It’s common sense but I never thought about it. That one tip could save me a lot of money. That’s really priceless.
Why, worry about the floor, has no effect on how clean the car is, dirt does not jump from floor to car, dirt in paint comes from car and painter, not floor.

Did you see that $600,000+ Gto, black base, three coats of ms clear, wetsanded with 800 and three more coats of MS clear and through the whole process, no water on the floor.
Barry I am painting a homebuilt aircraft called a Rans S-21 Outbound .Is all Aluminum. I want to clean it real good with purple scotch brite water and Dawn dish soap, then degreaser and wax remover using scotch brite. Pressure wash after degreaser and wax remover .let sit over night to dry good.I will pick low humidity day and will paint in my shop that will be transformed into a paint booth with good suction fan. I read where it takes two gal of SPI epoxy primer and that afternoon scuff that up with the purple scotch brite.The next moring I will paint a big portion of the plane white then that afternoon I will tape off and scuff the white that will gets covered with the light grey SPI paint the lower part for three 21/2 inch stripes and solid light gey on the rest of the lower half. Next morning I will paint the grey mixed from a gallon of white SPI and quart of black SPI ,not using all the black but will measure as it goes in until the color grey is what I want.. I will remove the tape as soon as possible. I want to do this as single phase paint job,no clear.I have never painted anything with a paint gun but I think I can pull it off.Please tell me if I missed a step or anything I need to do or watch out for.If you sell the paint and supplies I need I would like to purchase them from you. Thank you
Here is the first issue, are you sanding the plane, and the epoxy must be applied the day you sand it.
You can save some time skipping the wash, sand, and clean with 700-1 only for aluminum.
Just to let you know, Barry is the owner of Southern Polyurethanes. Use a prep wipe with Wax and Grease remover, not Scotchbrite. W&G remover works by lifting contaminants to the surface then they need to be wiped away, All you will do with scotchbrite is move everything around.
You will need to sand the aluminum with 180 or use an acid prep product like Alodine to prep the aluminum (if it is bare). if you use a Alodine or something similar you need to use it correctly. Main thing is the product needs to be rinsed with water while it is wet with itself. You don't want to let it dry and apply epoxy over the acid product. Whichever method you choose you need to epoxy the surface within 8 hours or so because aluminum starts to oxidize almost immediately.
Pressure washing and scuffing with purple scotchbrite isn't good enough. I googled purple scotch brite because I am not aware of it, all I could find was a scour pad. Not what you should use. DA sand with 180 grit or use a Aircraft prep product like Alodine if prepping bare aluminum.

Edit I used the term Alodine. I should not have. It is not a prep wash. You should use an acid prep wash. Bonderite is one brand that is used in aviation. Ospho is popular among automotive people.
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