where to mask jams



I am doing a full color change in blue with a touch of pearl in it. I know that the car has to be together when it gets base just to keep the panels flowing and matching nicely. My garage is just a one car and I don't think I'll have room to open the doors to shoot the rear jams when its in and assembled. My plan was to mask and base/clear the jams and then assemble and to my all over. The only thing I am not sure of is where to put my tape line at. I would think that I should come out onto the quarter an inch or so so that I can sand/feather that back in so there isn't any tape ridge in the edge of the jam when complete. Is my thinking incorrect or is there a better way about this?? Also I need to paint the interior of the doors before they are hung. Where should I bring the tape line on them. Out onto the exterior face of the door or once again is there a better way I'm overlooking??

Thanks for the help.

Depends on the door, but I usually do jambs with 1.5-2" tape, sticking about half or less on the jamb itself, then folding back the other half towards the opening. Do it right and when the door shuts the half that is not attached to the jamb hits the door and seals it shut. And just like you say, base/clear the jambs first, then after thats done do the exterior..
As for going back and sanding stuff in, not really necessary..Using the fold back method you don't really get a hard tape line. I put the fold about 1/2" in the jamb, maybe further or less depending on what the edge of the door looks like(ie, does it have a 90 degree profile to the edge or the more common 180 degree profile where the skin is wrapped around inner paneling)..Also depending on the door profile I will put a second layer on the door itself that angles back almost directly at the interior(when the door shuts) so that the two sticky sides contact and seal. Try experimenting and you will see what I mean. But you dont put the tape right on the edge where the jamb meets the panel. If the tape is further down in it will fog in.